Friday, July 20, 2012

The Underwave of Electronic Music

Is Dreamlogicc and his multiple forms which come out on vinyl for his first  Kimochi sound release, Podval EP.  A new and limited edition of 200 12” records in hand-painted sleeves, containing 3 original songs and a remix by Area, originator of the vinyl-only label which has four releases to date.  

As I’m of the linguistic folk, the title of the EP is of interest to me, what to expect from such a name? Let us dissect the word briefly, immediately brings one back to slavic origins if one is so inclined. First hand we’ll look at Serbian, pod meaning under and val meaning a wave, hence this underwave. Another meaning in Serbian is colloquial not literal, coming from podvala, a hoax, a playful trick, perhaps even a foisted up affair but in the most innocent and delightful of ways.  Finally, we are brought to a basement, being the literal meaning in another slavic language, Russian.  Thus, at the end of our experiment we are brought to an underwave of  tricks in a basement, quite unreasonable yet altogether possible.  And that is exactly what Dreamlogicc does in his live performances most evidently but on this EP just as clearly, even with only one speaker left, the sounds persevere and are a pleasure to hear.  But alas, word origins are unnecessary when we are in the fine company of such well-layered music.  

A few copies still available for purchase locally at Gramaphone, or through  Watch out, up, and around for Dreamlogicc's next release, coming soon on CPKAY records.  

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