Friday, September 5, 2014

Things are moving

physically and digitally. 

Firstly, you should now direct your broach reading to
we're I'll be learning new methods and testing them. Please mind the change from broach to brooch. 

Secondly but equally as important, the one and only, Robag Wruhme will be moving himself and those around him at Paradigm & MiM's rooftop event next Sunday, September 14th, a good ole-fashioned day party.  OMG! KIT! LOL! BFF!  never before were so many exclamatory remarks necessary!

Lastly, I am at a loss of words due to Wruhmania. There is a retractable roof at the venue so rain or shine, it'll be a fine time. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Experiment, experience, experiential, experimental, expert, expertise

source: R.M
Are all similar in nature, per the etymological dictionary, from the Latin, experiri “to try or test”. Ex ‘out of’ and peritus, ‘tested, tried or experienced’.  In order to gain experience, to become an expert, one must test and try repeatedly.  At first, such a daunting task as buttoning up the back of a dress or shirt on one’s own, after some experiments, this event too becomes a simple task, consisting of a given method of predesigned movements. 

Kandinsky once said “To create a work of art was to create the world.”  Surrounded by his Juryfreie murals on display at the MAM or Milwaukee Art Museum, one feels at the same time this immensity of the artwork, as if it were the cosmos, and the smallness of human form, sitting on the bench, we just another brushstroke, a fleck of extraordinary color chosen to complement the empty space. 

Experiments exist in all domains; Calatrava with architecture, Kandinsky with painting, Anaïs Nin and writing, Tangerine Dream with music, Pina Bausch and dance, Abramović and performance, a never-ending list thankfully.

One such empty space that will be hosting experimental music in a couple of weeks is that of the Experimental Sound Studio in Ravenswood for their 4th annual, SummerSonic outdoor music performances.  The concerts will be held outside in the garden and will begin at 2pm for the party and 3pm for the music on August 9th, 16th and 30th.  The ticket prices are minimal and the full line-up can be found here.  Experience what this sleepy neighborhood of Chicago is experimenting with these days. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keep it going

Wax n’ Cats; the fuzzy hairs of feline friends saturate the colors of this weekly musical broadcast curated by Justin James from Main Drain Studios in Oakland, CA.  This Saturday smorgasbord of sounds offers what is likely lacking from your regular radio output; thoughtful DJ mixes, live sound manipulation and a variety of tones from DJ Lgcc, Dreamlogicc or his invited guests.  The show airs Saturdays at 14:00 PST and you can view/listen here

A mind is a beautiful thing to waste or construct, equal amounts are likely necessary in order for its sustenance.

Unavailable for an interview, the co-hosts of Wax n’ Cats, Samsung Tucker McWhinestein and Greyseph Kittinger remain enigmatic figures who have perhaps achieved this balance of wasting and constructing better than their human colleagues, hence their lack of concern for discussing the show.  Their feline cohorts in Chicago, Fea Petrovna González and Simpkin Petrović MacGregor confirm this lack by an absolute blank stare.  But we mustn’t let this deter us from future attempts at a thoughtful discussion on what constitutes Wax n’ Cats.  The feline opinion should not be taken so seriously as it is wont to change, as is their craving for fish or chicken. 

Justin James has always been and will remain to be a renaissance man. From drum n' bass to new wave, he hits it cohesively. No lack of judgment here, haphazard mixing is not to be found.  Hot damn! is the only way to describe the debut of episode #65 with DJ Lgcc. Genuinely raw and generally slow like cole slaw, check it.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kandinsky on the brain

source: Constance K.
As the day before yesterday the Internet said a salad designed in abstract forms such as Kandinsky is more appealing to people based on a particular study. 

Yesterday the public radio reminded of Wassily, for there is a Kandinsky retrospective at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

And today Kandinsky’s work is still bordered by a frame.

So even if it rains all night, Milwaukee bound is a direction to consider. 
If not for the museum, well then for the museum.

Honestly now, the curator of the show informed radio listeners that their would be Bauhaus murals of Kandinsky’s to be seen and the architectural wonders of the museum, namely Santiago Calatrava’s pavilion which contains a moveable brise-soleil that opens at 10am making the visitor feel as if they were in the ribcage of a bird as described the show’s curator are reasons enough. 

The exhibit runs through September 1st. The museum is open daily from 10-5 and Thursday nights until 8pm. Plenty of time to see this master of color at play. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


Good bread needs not much, a dash of paprika with a sprinkle of salt and you’re all set.

Good music, food, and clothing follow the same logic, not much is necessary. Some contrast and balance, et voilà, harmony is achieved. 

Do I have the record on the right speed? I asked myself.
It’s so slow and I have a habit of forgetting to check so that I always play everything in slow motion.
I have a friend who reminds me of this sometimes and we laugh about it.

Luckily this time, the speed is correct, it’s just the music is so easy breezy. 
Apparently, Lubin is a fairly young guy making his mark distinctly it seems, with releases
on Jeff Mills Axis Records 6277 label, Controllability back in 2005 as well as on m50's Kimochi with the Threshold EP from 2012 which is what I have the pleasure of hearing.  

Talent as such needs much attention. 
More research is necessary but for now I will rely on his Threshold,  packaged beautifully with a nice sticker to boot might I add.

I heard Lubin play over a year ago at Primary with Mix Mup and m50
I couldn’t handle the harsh red light bulbs on the video screen so I gave up trying.  Needless to say, I have yet to hear other than a record and I think that’ll do just fine for the time. 

The other side is lots of shake it shake it. Organized, clean and thoughtful sounds that wake up even the grayest of cats. 

Stretch, shake, lounge, wander, do as you please as long as the music sets you at ease. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Helping to build

A community of readers, a marvelous adventure, as we all know that reading is essential for the healthy advancement of individuals. 

In a time when much of our literary and musical libraries are accessible only in the digital world, it is a welcome change to place a record on a turntable and hear the music or to hold a book and turn the pages. This tactile connection with the products reminds us of the work involved to create them as well as serves to beautify our homes and minds.  

As last Saturday was Record Store Day, so there should be established a Book Store Day if it doesn’t already exist.  One such bookstore that deserves a visit on any day is the delightful Open Books in River North. 

Open Books is a non-profit that collects used books, sells them in store and online and then gives back to the community through their literacy programs for students of all ages, a worthy cause indeed. 

The various nooks and crannies in the shop are neatly organized by subject matter.  Plenty of places to lounge, a separate children’s reading area as well as a stage for special events are some of the reasons to stop by Open Books.  The store is simply welcoming, from the thoughtful décor to the helpful staff.  The LIFE world library books captivated me on this visit, presenting beautiful photographs from the world of 1960’s Scandinavia to the Balkans and at only $3 apiece, they were hard to resist. The shop is located at 213 W. Institute Place and is open daily from 10-7 and Sundays from noon-6.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Source: Vukomanović, S. 

All of these are cognates in French and English,
and are also linked to this winter and Chicago.

Whether lacking in or being in abundance of any of these 'tion' words, remember 'tis best to moderate or over indulge, there is no in-between. 

“Tout ce qui est nouveau est par ce fait automatiquement traditionnel” as inspired by Godard's Bande à Part from T.S. Eliot's quotation from his essay Tradition and the Individual Talent. "Everything that is new is automatically traditional"

Can we then say that everything that is familiar is automatically modern?
Perhaps with enough motivation, even this can be argued.

Activity and movement is your feed.